Starting Your Program

How much weight will I lose the first month?

We all have that magical number in mind, but when it comes to weight loss, overnight miracles aren't on the menu—your health is. Experts agree that losing 1-2 pounds a week is a healthy and sustainable weight loss range, so keep that in mind when you set your weight loss goals and expectations. You may lose more in your first few weeks on the program, but slow and steady wins the race!

Please note: If you receive Turbo10, you can expect to lose up to 10 pounds and 5 inches overall in your first month, and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter. Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.

How do I get started on the Nutrisystem® program?

Simply choose which 28-Day program is right for you by choosing from one of our plans. If customization is available, you can choose the ready-to-go or frozen foods you'd like to eat from our incredible variety of great-tasting entrees and snacks. Everything will arrive on your doorstep, ready for you to begin losing weight.

Once my food arrives, what do I do?

Your food will arrive along with resources to get started, including a Quick Start Guide and Daily Tracker. This tracker outlines your daily meals and guides you on how to proceed with your program day to day. You can also access NuMi, our convenient all-in-one digital tracking tool, at or on the NuMi app.

The Nutrisystem® program is very easy to follow: you start with a Nutrisystem® entree, add-in a few grocery items such as PowerFuels, SmartCarbs, vegetables and other fresh items as explained in your planner, and you're ready to go. You eat often throughout the day to help keep you feeling full between meals. In addition, with My Way you have the flexibility of eating one lunch and one dinner each week without Nutrisystem foods; your tracker explains which kinds of grocery items to eat on these days. And since all of our meals are perfectly portioned for weight loss®, there are never any calories or points to count—just great-tasting food that's ready to go when you are.

To make organizing your food as easy as possible, each item is color-coded: breakfast items are labeled with blue, lunches are orange, dinners are red and desserts are purple. We recommend starting your plan after you have organized your food, gone grocery shopping, and read the program materials so you're prepared and ready to go!

How do I know what to eat when?

All of your Nutrisystem® entrees will be color-coded and labeled as breakfast (blue), lunch (orange), dinner (red) or snack/dessert (purple). In addition to your food, you'll receive your own personalized Daily Tracker, which outlines your meals for you and acts as your food diary. It also contains a Grocery Guide to tell you exactly which foods to use as your fresh grocery additions.

You can also use our online meal planner at or your mobile device to track what you eat each day. If you have additional questions regarding what to eat after reviewing the contents of your first Nutrisystem order, please contact our counselors, who will be happy to help.

Do I have to eat all the food listed in the meal plan for every day?

Your meal plan has been designed to give you all the essential nutrients needed for optimal nutrition as well as for sensible weight loss. Please be sure to eat all the food that is recommended on your program. Failure to follow the program protocol and eat all of the food recommended may involve the risk of developing serious health complications. Please contact a counselor if you need to adjust your meal schedule.

Do I need to eat vegetables and fruits while on the program?

The Nutrisystem® program combines Nutrisystem® foods with fresh grocery items for a healthy, balanced diet. Because fruits and vegetables offer nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are essential to optimal health, our program does promote eating at least 4 servings of veggies and 1-2 servings of fruit as part of your SmartCarb servings each day. In fact, because vegetables are such an important part of a healthy diet, many are available in unlimited quantities. If you feel it may be a struggle for you to get all of these fruit and vegetable servings in, contact one of our counselors who can provide you with strategies that work with your lifestyle and food preferences.

How many glasses of water do I need daily?

Water needs vary by individual. We recommend six to eight 8 oz. glasses or 48-64 oz. of water daily. You can easily track your water intake on or on the NuMi app.

Do I need to put my Nutrisystem® foods in the freezer or refrigerator?

Your Nutrisystem foods do not need to be refrigerated (with the exception of frozen items included with the Nutrisystem® Uniquely Yours plan, which must remain frozen). While many of the Nutrisystem entrees look a lot like frozen entrees, they're actually sealed through a "soft canning" process which locks in nutrition and taste. That way, you get fresh-tasting foods that don't require refrigeration, and are ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

How do I know what fresh grocery items to add in to my program?

Depending on which personalized meal plan you receive, you’ll be enjoying approximately 60% of your daily calorie needs from perfectly portioned Nutrisystem® entrees and desserts. To complete your Nutrisystem® program, you will need to add in varying amounts of additional grocery items including vegetables, fruit, and low fat dairy and protein choices. We have grouped these grocery additions into 3 simple categories called PowerFuels, SmartCarbs and Vegetables. Descriptions of these foods can be found in your personalized Daily Tracker, which will arrive with your first order. You can also check out our list of recommended grocery additions to learn more.

Can I eat my Nutrisystem® dinner at lunchtime and my Nutrisystem® lunch at dinnertime?

We recommend following the prescribed Nutrisystem® meal plan closely for your first month so you can learn what and when you should be eating. Once you're comfortable with the plan, you can alter the times of your meals, as well as your non-Nutrisystem grocery add-ins and snacks, as long as you include all the foods in your meal plan to continually fuel your body throughout the day. Contact a counselor for more suggestions on rearranging your meal plan.

What is Turbo10?

Customers who qualify will receive Turbo10, specially designed to help you lose 10 pounds and 5 inches overall in your first month.*

With Turbo10, you’ll receive Turbo Takeoff—your first week on the program:

• 7 days of specially selected breakfasts, lunches and dinners
• 7 ALL-NEW TurboShakes™ packed with protein and probiotics to help support digestive health and bust belly bloat
• 7 NutriCrush® shakes to crush hunger
• Specially designed Daily Tracker to help maximize your results

Once you’ve completed your first week, you’ll move on to your Nutrisystem® meal plan and Daily Tracker for the next three weeks.

*In a study, average weight loss was 8.3 lbs. and 4.2 inches. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence. Inches lost from hips, waist, chest, thighs and arms in first month.