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Grocery Food Additions
Along with your Nutrisystem® meals, you'll incorporate your own fresh grocery foods from four easy-to-follow categories to complete a well-rounded diet, plus:

Open your eyes to a balanced way of eating

Add endless variety to your meal plan

Teach you healthy habits for life

The Fundamental Four

Spelling Out SmartCarbs

When it comes to eating healthy, not all carbs are created equal; in fact, some are what we call “SmartCarbs.” SmartCarbs are a specific group of carbohydrates that are nutrient-rich and measure “low” on the Glycemic Index. These carbs are digested more slowly, to help keep you feeling fuller longer while promoting good health by delivering vitamins, minerals, fiber and other important nutrients.

Foods like whole grain rice, pasta, and cereals, fresh fruit, and starchy vegetables such as beans, peas, corn and potatoes all fall into the SmartCarb category. See more examples of SmartCarbs below.

• Small whole grain roll
• Hummus
• 4-6” whole grain tortilla
• Berries, grapes
• English Muffin
• Cooked whole grain rice or pasta
• Cereals
• Starchy vegetables
  (beans, peas, corn, potatoes,
  parsnips, winter squash)
• 100% fruit juice
• Dried fruits
Getting the 411 on PowerFuels

What we refer to as PowerFuels can be broken down into two basic food categories:

1. High-quality proteins that contain all nine essential amino acids
2. Healthy fats from nuts

But what's so special about these PowerFuels? Well, for starters, it takes longer for your body to digest them, so they help keep you feeling full. Plus, they're good for muscle tone, which, when combined with daily physical activity, can help boost your body and get you in shape.

Plus, we offer optional protein shakes that are a perfect PowerFuel pick with 15 grams of protein per serving, providing the extra boost you need to get your day off to a great start.

• Egg, egg whites, egg substitute
• Lean meats
• Shellfish or fish
• String cheese
• Fat-free milk
• Low-fat yogurt
• Fat-free cottage cheese
• Tofu, Seitan
• Soy beans
• Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds
Revealing the Truth About Vegetables

In the world of healthy eating, vegetables aren’t always what they seem, which is why we’ve split them up into two main subgroups: starchy and non-starchy. Starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes and peas actually fall under the SmartCarbs category, while the non-starchy vegetable group includes familiar staples like leafy greens, broccoli, and tomatoes.

Each day on Nutrisystem, you’ll be eating at least four non-starchy vegetables along with your Nutrisystem meals. And since they’re packed with nutrients your body craves as well as being beneficial to an overall healthy lifestyle, many of these veggies are deemed “unlimited”—so indulge the urge to splurge!

• Spinach
• Bell Peppers
• Asparagus
• Green Beans
• Kale
• Tomatoes
• Carrots
• Brussels Sprouts
• Artichoke
• Vegetable Juice
• Celery
Explaining (Optional) Extras

When you can’t seem to ignore the itch to snack, or you simply want to put a new spin on an old favorite, enter our list of approved extras! What we call “Extras” or “free foods” are actually no-calorie or low-calories optional add-ins that you can use to spice up your meal plan or satisfy a craving for something more.

These optional extras are unlimited when they clock in at calorie free, or we recommend keeping it to 3 servings per day of items containing 35 calories per serving.

• Spices/seasonings (salt-free)
• Low-sodium broths
• Calorie-free beverages
  (unsweetened coffee, tea,diet soda)
• Air popped popcorn
• Whipped topping (fat free)
• Sugar-free gelatin
• Fat-free dressings
• Low-sodium condiments
  (salsa, mustard, ketchup)
• Fat-free creamer
• Seeds

Drink Lots of Water!

Water Bottles

Did you know that people sometimes think they're hungry, when they're actually just thirsty? Water is great for you, so drink plenty every day to keep your body going strong. You can even track your water intake online!

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