Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig — Compare Jenny Craig to Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem® VS. Jenny Craig®: Program and Cost Comparison

When it comes to weight loss programs that deliver, two choices stand out: Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig.

And while both offer the flexibility to order just the right amount of food for you, only one provides what you want for a whole lot less. Check out the
chart below to compare the cost of losing weight enjoying 4 meals a day, for 4 weeks with each program—and see for yourself which one is the real deal.

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*Costs based on the price of four weeks (breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert/snack per day) on the Nutrisystem My Way Women's Select Auto-Delivery program v. four weeks (three entrees and one snack or dessert at $17-$22 per day) on the Jenny Craig Program as of 1/2/2014. Costs do not include additional fresh grocery items on either program. Prices for food in both programs can vary with discounts. Cost for Nutrisystem based on being on the program for two 28-Day Auto-Delivery Shipments as of 1/2/2014. If customer cancels prior to receiving second 28-Day order, the 28-Day program cost for non Auto-Delivery is $498.02 including shipping for the Select (frozen) program and $412.45 for the Core (non-frozen) program. Free shipping is available within the Continental U.S. only.

**Price reflects advertised special on Jenny as of 1/8/2014. Offers and prices vary. Jenny Craig enrollment fees or membership fees can vary depending on the promotion offered, the length of membership (which can vary), and additional features and products. Jenny Craig membership includes, among other things, personal one-on-one consulting either face-to-face in a center or by telephone; tools and online community, discounts on foods, and a chance to earn back fees. Nutrisystem membership includes unlimited counseling with a team of counselors by telephone, online tools and community.

For both programs, in addition to the four week example above, customers can order food items individually, daily, or weekly. For more information on the prices and features of both programs, please call or visit the individual program's website.

Jenny Craig® At Home is owned by Societe des Produits Nestle, Vevey, Switzerland


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