Nutrisystem Advisory Board

Nutrisystem is committed to developing high quality weight management interventions that are both evidence-based and relevant. To ensure our offerings are consistent with the latest and most accurate nutrition and health information, we've formed a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of a panel of leading experts in the weight management field who participate in the development and enhancement of all of our programs.

Caroline M. Apovian, M.D., FACP, FACN Nutrisystem Advisory Board

Caroline M. Apovian, M.D., FACP, FACN — Medical Advisor

Dr. Apovian is Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine. She is the Director of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center, and the Director of Clinical Research at the Obesity Research Center of Boston Medical Center.

Dr. Apovian has published extensively on dietary, medical, and surgical treatments of obesity. Additional research interests include monitoring type 2 diabetes, endothelial cell dysfunction and obesity, and cytokine expression of adipose cells after weight loss treatment in humans. Dr. Apovian is an Associate Editor of the journal Obesity and is co-editor of the Obesity and Nutrition Section of Current Opinion in Endocrinology and Diabetes. She serves on the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety and Medical Error Reduction, and on the Expert Panel on Weight Loss Surgery for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Dr. Jay Satz, Senior Scientific Advisor Nutrisystem Advisory Board

Dr. Jay Satz, Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Satz is Senior Scientific Advisor to Nutrisystem. He served as the Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Nutrisystem until November, 2009. A key developer of the Nutrisystem food program since 1978, Dr. Satz has a proven track record of innovative thinking and breakthrough approaches in nutrition and dietary science.

A graduate of Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. Satz has a diverse background in the fields of medicine, nutrition and public health, beginning his professional career studying diseases at the Pennsylvania Department of Health. While there, Dr. Satz discovered that his true passion was in nutrition, and he has been involved with this category ever since.

Upon leaving the public health sector, Dr. Satz came to Nutrisystem. Identifying a void in the weight loss market, Dr. Satz was one of the first individuals to create calorie-controlled, shelf-stable, portion-controlled meal plans. This has remained a core concept of the Nutrisystem program throughout the years. In 2003, Dr. Satz revamped the company's program by adding the benefits of a Low Glycemic Index meal plan to the program. He continued to address particular need states, including the program for type 2 diabetes.