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How Nutrisystem Works

  • Getting started

    Find your answer to "What is Nutrisystem?" and how to order

  • Losing weight

    Check out what daily
    life is like
    Nutrisystem® My Way®

  • Keeping it off

    Learn how Nutrisystem can help you transition into maintenance mode

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Getting Started

  1. 1
    Pick your plan

    Go with a popular standard plan for a quick start, or answer a few short questions to get a plan tailored to your metabolism.

  2. 2
    Customize your package

    Choose all ready-to-go meals, or with a mix of frozen foods included, then decide between a pre-picked favorites pack or handpicking your entire menu.

    What is ready-to go
    What's "ready-to-go"?
    Packaged for portability, our ready-to-go items are specially sealed and require no refrigeration—similar to foods already in your pantry like soups and pasta bowls.
  3. 3
    Place your order

    Keep an eye out for your order in about 4 to 10 business days. And with Auto-Delivery, you'll receive bonus savings with your order so you never miss a beat!

    What is Auto-Delivery
    Auto-Delivery Saves You Time & Money!
    • Stay on track with 28 days of food automatically shipped
      and billed each month
    • Enjoy 20% savings and FREE shipping** on every order
    • Change, edit or delay your order at any time
    • Receive an automated call or email reminder when your
      order is on its way
  4. 4
    Join the Community

    Get a head start before your order arrives by creating a profile and checking out our interactive tools, trackers and dynamic community full of people just like you.

Losing Weight

Get in gear and ready to race across that starting line.

  • Clear space in your cabinet (or freezer) and organize your Nutrisystem® foods—they're color coded for grab-and-go convenience.
  • Read up on your Quick Start Guide, Daily Tracker and My Way Made Easy magazine for need-to-know info included with your order.
  • Get set—log your current weight and measurements online and set a firm start date, so you can track your progress as you work toward goal.
  • Reach out to a counselor to get one-on-one advice, tips and tricks for a strong start.

Once your order arrives, getting started is simple.

  • Whole grains
    and fresh fruit

    (aka "SmartCarbs") for slow-digesting satisfaction
  • Low-fat dairy, eggs and lean protein (aka "PowerFuels") for a boost of protein power
  • Fresh veggies for a rainbow of variety and the nutrients your body needs

What's on the menu? Weight loss designed just for you.

  • Nutrient-rich with just the right amount of protein, fiber and "good" carbs
  • Perfectly portioned
    no counting calories,
    carbs or points
  • Ready in just
    minutes for
    total convenience
  • Breakfast
    Nutrisystem® Turkey Sausage
    & Egg Muffin
    with cheese
  • Morning snack
    Low-fat Greek yogurt
    with fresh berries
  • Lunch
    Nutrisystem® Chicken and
    Cheese Quesadilla
    & green salad
  • Afternoon snack
    Veggie sticks with hummus
    & string cheese
  • Dinner
    Nutrisystem® Italian Herb Flatbread
    with turkey pepperoni, steamed
    broccoli & spinach, fresh pear slices
  • Dessert
    Ice Cream Sandwich

Get moving to boost your calorie burning potential.

  • Get a plan customized to your current level, from beginner to workout warrior
  • Fit in fitness with three recommended 10-minute activities a day
    keep it fresh with a complete activity list of fun options to choose from
  • Based on the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Make weight loss really  work for you.

Set smart goals

Researchers recommend an average weekly weight loss
of 1 to 2 pounds to stay in the healthy sweet spot.

Flex your options

With the perfect balance of structure, flexibility and convenience, you'll always have a weight loss plan that "fits."

Mix it up

Once you have the hang of things, enjoy the freedom of switching up meals and tweaking the plan to best fit your lifestyle.

Keeping It Off

  • Weight Loss

    Get to goal with one of our complete 28-Day My Way programs, including everything you need to succeed.

  • Transition

    Take the next step with transition plans that feature a mix of Nutrisystem® foods plus your own healthy meals.

  • Maintenance

    Put your new healthy habits into full swing, plus enjoy special savings on A La Carte items to keep your favorites on hand.

  • And More

    Stay engaged in the Nutrisystem Members site to stay on track with your success. You never know who you'll inspire!


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