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Nutrisystem Everyday™ - Healthy Weight Management Options

Healthy Living the Everyday Way

Nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned for weight management™

Nutrisystem Everyday™:Honest Nutrition

Say Hello to Honest Nutrition

We counted the calories, balanced the carbs, fiber and protein and made low-fat a must so you have delicious Everyday options on hand that meet your daily needs.

Nutrisystem Everyday™: Convenience

Convenience is Calling

From crunchy to sweet to just plain decadent, each Everyday item is perfectly portable and full of flavor—proving you can have it all and look fabulous, too.

Chocolate PB Bar
Nutrisystem Everyday™: Perfectly Portioned Couple

The Perfect Portion Solution

With Nutrisystem Everyday, we’ve sized up the perfect portions to complement your healthy lifestyle, making it easier than ever to make smart choices in a snap. Simply unwrap and enjoy.

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Nutrisystem Everyday is no longer in retail stores, but you can find a variety of convenient Nutrisystem® Weight Loss Kits at Walmart.

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Our Products

Discover the delicious side of weight management with foods that easily fit into your everyday life.

Check out our satisfying selection to find favorites you’re sure to love:

Breakfast Time

Snack Time

Our Philosophy

We believe you should enjoy food you love, live life to the fullest, and look and feel fabulous doing it.

Nutrisystem Everyday™: Real Balanced Nutrition

Nutrisystem has been a trusted leader in healthy weight loss and management for more than 40 years. And now, we’re expanding our horizons beyond the bounds of losing weight to help you live a healthier lifestyle today, tomorrow and…Everyday.

With Nutrisystem Everyday, you get to enjoy nutritious, delicious foods that easily fit into your busy schedule and are available right on your grocery store shelves—so you never have to think twice about making nutritionally balanced choices you can believe in.

Eat Smart

Crunchy Granola with Almonds

With items featuring 200-150 calories or less, Everyday breakfasts and snacks will help curb your cravings minus the guilt.

Fall in Love with Low-Fat

Double Chocolate Smoothie

With Nutrisystem Everyday, you’ll discover that “low-fat” can be creamy, dreamy and even chocolatey.

No-Nonsense Nutrition

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

Our products provide a good source of protein and fiber to help keep you satisfied and going strong.

Your Everyday

Nutrisystem Everyday was designed to get you on track and feeling great from start to finish each day.

Want to fit into your favorite jeans again? Run your first race? Keep the figure you’ve worked so hard for? Whatever you hope to accomplish, we’re here to help make it happen without asking you to change who you are.

Check out how Nutrisystem Everyday could work for you by selecting an example that best fits your lifestyle:

A day in the life of an Everyday customer living an active lifestyle:

(Meal choices based on a 2,000 calorie diet)

A day in the life of an Everyday customer who's motivated to maintain:

(Meal choices based on a 1,600 calorie diet)

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1. What is Nutrisystem Everyday?

Nutrisystem Everyday was designed for busy people searching for a middle ground between satisfying their cravings and making better decisions on a daily basis. With decadent favorites like muffins, cakes and smoothies that are nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned, we’re redefining what it means to manage your weight.

2. Where can I find Nutrisystem Everyday products?

While the Nutrisystem® Everyday® line is no longer available at retail stores, we do offer a variety of weight loss products. Check out Nutrisystem Weight Loss Kits at a Walmart near you, and see our complete line of products and plans at

3. Is Nutrisystem Everyday good for me, too?

We’ve created satisfying, balanced foods to help you stay on track and get the nutrition you need throughout the day without worrying about what to eat. Everyday products are:

  • Good source of fiber and protein
  • Low-fat
  • Breakfasts under 200 calories
  • Snacks under 150 calories

4. How can Nutrisystem Everyday work for me?

Everyday products provide the nutrition you need while still maintaining the fabulous flavors you’ve come to love. So whether you’re running to the gym, heading to pick up the kids or trying to catch a bite between meetings, a delicious, satisfying breakfast or snack is always within reach.

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