EZ Pay® Terms and Conditions.

EZ Pay Payment Option Plan (“EZ PAY”) for Nutrisystem purchases

You may qualify for EZ PAY if your order totals at least $100 before taxes or other charges. If you do qualify for EZ PAY, you agree that Nutrisystem will charge your credit card or debit card in four weekly equal consecutive installments (with the first one on the date your order is shipped, and on each consecutive week day thereafter). Please review these terms and conditions carefully.

You may select EZ PAY on the payment section of the check out page. Coupons, Buddy Bucks, escalating or promotion discounts and gift cards may be applied to your order. However, if you utilize any of the foregoing and your total order is less than $100, you are no longer eligible for EZ Pay (i.e., no longer eligible for weekly payment installments) and your payment method will be changed to a single card payment for the entire balance due.

If you select EZPay, and wish to use a gift card or any other discount option, you must submit the gift card and/or discount option at the time you place the order. We will subtract the value of your gift card and/or discount option from your order total and split the remainder of your balance into equal installments (again, only if the total order is over $100). Please note that you may not apply gift cards and/or discount option to your subsequent weekly installment payments. You may apply Buddy Bucks and/or gift cards to the first installment payment amount of each new program purchase only up until 6pm the night before the order is scheduled to process. The order total will be re-calculated if these are applied. If the total amount charged to the card is still more than $100, the order will remain on the EZ-Pay plan.

You may use your payment cards issued by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover in selecting the EZ Pay option. You must provide us with a payment card that is valid for the entire time frame over which EZ Pay is authorized (for example, if you select the EZ Pay option for an order commencing on May 15, you may not give us a card expiring as of May 31). Nutrisystem will not charge you any interest or any fees on your purchases. EZ Pay is valid for 28-day plan orders, transition plans, and any combination of a 28-day or transition plan orders plus a la carte items. EZ Pay is not valid on the purchase of subscription plans, gift cards and a la carte items. EZ Pay is not valid on orders in process or previous purchases. If you have selected EZ Pay, you may change to a different payment method prior to your next order being processed by going to Manage My Account at nutrisystem.com or calling 1-800-585-5483. You will receive an email confirmation once your order is placed detailing the EZ Pay installment payment schedule.

Upon shipment of your order, your payment method will be authorized for the first EZ installment amount. Thereafter you authorize that your payment method will be charged for an additional three weekly equal installment payments. You will receive an email notification from our third party service provider confirming your payment method was charged for the next succeeding installment payments. Any applicable taxes, shipping and handling charges will be added to your total and added into the four weekly installment payments. If your payment method authorization is declined at any time, the EZ PAY option is rescinded, your outstanding balance becomes immediately due and future orders are cancelled. Charge fees shall apply if rescinding occurs prior to receipt of the second program order. Nutrisystem retains the right to enforce collection proceedings against you for any unpaid balances. You will be responsible for any and all reasonable collection costs, court costs, reasonable attorneys' fees, or any other expenses incurred in the collection of your obligations to us.

By proceeding with your order, you agree to maintain sufficient funds on the payment method you have provided (if it is a debit card) or sufficient credit availability on a credit or charge card so that subsequent payments can be billed to that payment method selected. If the payment method expires or is replaced, you agree to notify Nutrisystem Customer Service and provide an alternative payment method with the necessary funds available.

If you do not agree with the terms of under which you may utilize the EZ Pay option, you may select another payment option at nutrisystem.com.

The EZ Pay Plan terms (as well as all other terms and conditions regarding the use of our Site and our products) are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.