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Chris Berman lost 50.0 lbs.*

"I've tried over 30 other diets, and none of them have worked for me except

*Results not typical.
On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs per week.

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"The guys who play ball on Sunday—they're in great shape. The guys (like me) up there in the booth? That's another story."

I was disgusted—I had literally become larger than life, and I didn't like the way I looked. My wife and kids would mention my weight every now and then, and it wasn't that I thought they were wrong—the problem was, I didn't know how to go about losing it. I had been successful in losing weight before by eating correctly, but I gained it all back. I needed better knowledge and better tools and better help. And then, here's Nutrisystem—they helped me out.

"I can eat pizza. I can get lasagna. I can eat meatloaf. I can even eat steak. I love this food!"

Coach Don Shula and I are very good friends. So when I decided that I needed to do something about the weight, I thought, "Let me call Coach Shula and see what he thought of the whole Nutrisystem experience." He told me the food was great and that they're always available to you for questions or advice or encouragement. So I figured, well, heck, I've got Don Shula coaching me—I'm in!

"I've lost 50 lbs.* so far, and I'm not done yet."

Are you really happy with the way you look and feel? It's all about your quality of life. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you're going to feel better if you lose some weight. In fact, the last couple of months, my knees have been telling me every morning, "Hey thanks a lot for losing the weight—you were killing us all these years!"