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Cynthia B. lost 25.0 lbs.*

"I have not worn a one-piece bathing suit in years—I am 52 years old, and wearing string bikinis!"

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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"I know I can always depend on Nutrisystem."

I originally started Nutrisystem in 2005 after seeing pictures of myself on vacation. It was a huge wake-up call—I never realized how awful I looked! My mother was on Nutrisystem when it was a fairly new company, and she suggested I try it. So, I took her advice and absolutely loved the results! I lost 25 lbs. and dropped 2 sizes.* I'm proud to say that the pounds are off and staying off. I've been maintaining for over three years now, and I periodically turn to Nutrisystem to help me maintain my weight loss. It's reassuring to know that if overindulge over the holidays or on vacations, I can always order another month or two to get me back on track.

"I always have Nutrisystem on hand."

I love the convenience of having Nutrisystem food at home or at work. It's just so easy to grab and go! I don't like to cook and with Nutrisystem, I don't have to. There is always something new and delicious to eat. I really love the new fresh-frozen dishes—especially the ice cream. It amazes me that the food tastes great (nothing like diet food), and I feel like I'm always eating!

"I love how much younger I look!"

I recently went back to a job where I worked with people that haven't seen me in twelve years. Every single person told me I looked like I haven't aged a day! I also feel better physically and emotionally. I now have boundless energy and am always on the go. I love bike riding, and I'm a beach nut. I have not worn a one-piece bathing suit in years—I am 52 years old, and wearing string bikinis! I was in an unhappy marriage before my weight loss and hadn't realized how depressed I was with my life until it was over. I now understand that I was depressed with myself and that I have much more living left to do. I am now extremely happy and in a healthy relationship, and I cannot believe all that I had been missing and all that I still want to do. I'm so excited for the future!