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Michael H. lost 125.0 lbs.*

Michael H.'s After Photo

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

"I saw great results following the Nutrisystem® program."

"I was sick of being so large."

I had struggled with weight throughout childhood until college, when I lost 100 lbs. I am a physician, and during school and residency, I gradually gained that weight back. I made poor food choices, including lots of high calorie lattes and fast food from the hospital cafeteria. The whole time I was gaining weight, I kept thinking, "Okay, I need to start to lose weight. Now, I'm going to eat better; now I'm going to exercise." But I never seemed to do anything about it. When I was preparing for job hunting after my residency, I was embarrassed about having to go buy a complete new wardrobe for interviews. That's when it really hit home how overweight I had become. I also felt I was being a poor role model for my patients who were themselves struggling with weight control
and lifestyle changes.

"The Nutrisystem® program was so easy to follow. The food was great, and it was so convenient."

I needed a program that was safe, and because of my schedule, I needed meals I could take to work with me—meals that were easy and ready-to-go. Nutrisystem fit the bill. I really liked the fact that Nutrisystem is on the Internet and that the food is delivered to the house. I also thought it was less expensive than some of the other weight loss programs. Plus, I didn't want to go to the center like I did in college to pick up my food. Each day, I would read the Daily Dose, and I also used the food journal on the Nutrisystem website. My favorite food was the Nutrisystem® Lasagna with Meat Sauce, but I really liked all the desserts. I never felt hungry and had the energy to get through my long, challenging days. When I first started losing weight, I had a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I felt better physically and felt more energetic. People at the hospital began to notice I was losing weight, even though I was wearing scrubs. You could tell.

"I would recommend Nutrisystem to any of our patients who wanted to
lose weight."

I have three boys. They're getting older now, and they're learning how to eat and play ball. I can teach them now and be an example for them. Here's the thing: I didn't want to be a bad example for my kids or my patients. My wife and I wanted to encourage our kids to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and I wanted to encourage my patients to be healthy. Once I lost 125 lbs.* it was easier to motivate people. Nutrisystem really isn't a diet: it's about having a healthy lifestyle and living that way for the rest of your life. When you're on the program, you definitely learn about portion sizes, but you also learn how and what to eat. Plus, the program encourages physical activity, which I think is great. I still enjoy getting complimented for how I look. It has also been rewarding to inspire other family members and friends to have great weight loss results on Nutrisystem.


Tyler, Texas


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