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Krista S. lost 27.0 lbs.*

"I just turned 50 and I've never looked better!"

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"I just turned 50 and I've never looked better!"

My Nutrisystem weight loss journey began with the approach of the ever-dreaded mid-century mark. I've always been "big" and felt ungainly. But the closer 50 came, the more the weight kept creeping up like an insipid little monster. We didn't have a scale at home, but when I got on the scale at the doctor's office I would make the excuse that (a) I was wearing heavy shoes; (b) I had a lot of clothing on; and (c) I was retaining water.

Facing facts

I began looking for looser clothing, over-sized shirts, baggy sweaters, and "relaxed" fit pants (you know: the ones, extra room in the hips and thighs), and started embracing elastic somewhere in the waist band. Well, when I tried on the size 12 "relaxed" fit and squeezed myself in, walked up to the three-way mirror, turned around and faced up to the fact that I could embrace the weight gain associated with middle age or do something about it. I tried cutting back on what I ate, I tried other diet foods, I tried eliminating fat and sugar, and I tried low-carb diets—and while some of it came off, it wasn't enough. I became utterly frustrated. Then my husband Ken suggested that I try Nutrisystem. He'd been on it and lost 120 lbs.* I balked at first, despite knowing it had worked for him.

50 and feeling fantastic

After hemming and hawing, I finally made the call and ordered the Nutrisystem Flex Plan. It was so easy and worked so quickly. Not only did the pounds melt away, but even better, so did the inches—off my back, waist, hips, and thighs! I dropped from a size 12 to a size 4* and that's a size I can't remember ever fitting into. I recently celebrated my 50th birthday and have never looked better! Ken and I are having more fun than ever—we've even taken up dancing! Plus, I have five grown children and two grandchildren, and am not embarrassed to wear a bikini in public—something I haven't done since I was 18. I get so many compliments from both people I know and from strangers. Thanks, Nutrisystem. You've helped me and other women see that even at 50 and beyond, women can still look terrific.