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David H. lost 99.0 lbs.*

"There are so many things that I love about Nutrisystem, but most of all I love that it works!"

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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"When my son was born, I weighed over 300 pounds."

I was not always obese. In fact, I served four years in the U.S. Navy where I exercised daily and never had to watch what I ate. And even though I was now 100 pounds overweight, I never felt truly motivated to lose weight until my son came into my life. One evening I confessed my trepidation to my wife and told her that I wanted to do something about it. She did as well. The next day, we both sat down and ordered Nutrisystem.

"I love the simplicity. I don't have to count anything—points, calories, carbs, fat—nothing."

When I started Nutrisystem, I weighed 304 pounds and my self-esteem was hiding behind a rock. I have now lost a total of 99 lbs.* and my self-esteem is now standing on top of the rock it was once hiding behind. Admittedly, one of my apprehensions about the Nutrisystem program was that it was expensive. But when you break the price down per meal per day, you realize that average people like me can afford the program—in fact, I saved money compared to what I was paying for groceries each month.

"Nutrisystem is a lifestyle change, but it's an easy one. I don't feel like I've had to sacrifice anything."

My father-in-law mentioned in passing that I should be a spokesperson for Nutrisystem because of my results. So many people have noticed and inquired about my weight loss, and I'm always happy to tell them how I lost the weight with Nutrisystem. To top it off, because of my wife's and my success, my mother-in-law and father-in-law have now signed up for Nutrisystem in search of a better and happier life, too!