Success Stories - Individual Spotlight

Christina B. lost 46.0 lbs.*

"I have my life back. And I'm really excited about it!"

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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Tired of being tired

I've always carried a little bit of extra weight, but I really became heavier after getting pregnant. After my pregnancy, I started a new job that was really draining—I would just come home and want to lie down and go to sleep. That's how I picked up a lot of the extra weight. I felt miserable and depressed, like I was sleeping through life a lot of the time. That's when I finally called Nutrisystem.

From trepidation to triumph

When the box from Nutrisystem showed up, I was a little scared at first. But I quickly found that the program was really easy to do. With Nutrisystem, you pick what you want throughout the day, and you customize it based on your own palate. I was very pleasantly surprised with the taste of the food, as well as how little hunger I actually felt. And the variety of the food made the program even more convenient. When my family had regular pizza, I had my Nutrisystem® pizza. It was awesome!

A whole new life

My life is definitely better now since I lost the weight. Also, shopping is now a complete joy, too! Now I can go into the first store I enter, try stuff on, and actually find something that looks good on me. My experience with Nutrisystem is not just about the weight loss; it's about feeling better. The single best part of losing weight is being able to get back into my life—to be more active, to experience more things and to really live.