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Margo M. lost 63.0 lbs.*

Margo M.'s After Photo

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem.
Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior
Nutrisystem® Program.

Dealing with tragedy

My weight wasn't always an issue. In my twenties and thirties I was a size 2 or 4. Life was wonderful. But then everything changed. Like many women, when I started having children I put on weight. After I had my first daughter, I put on twenty pounds. I did take most of it off, but the problem was that it didn't stay off. Three years later, my second daughter was born. She had serious medical issues, so I became a stay-at-home mom once she turned two. That was very, very stressful. The challenges of raising a beautiful girl with fragile health, combined with being a "foodie," resulted in a lot of eating. Sadly, in 2009 she died at age three. So I got even sadder and heavier and out of control with my weight.

Choosing to lose weight

I just really missed my baby. I still do. But I realized that, even though life can deal you some pretty brutal blows and there are things that you can't change, there are some things that you can, like being able to zip your pants. Being healthier is something we can all choose. So, despite my sadness, I made that choice and ordered Nutrisystem. I found that Nutrisystem makes it incredibly easy to lose weight. And like I said, I love to eat, so I want to eat the foods I really enjoy. And since Nutrisystem let me select everything I put into my mouth, I could do that. That helps me with my busy lifestyle, too.


The whole thing is about "sticktoitiveness." You've got to stick with it if you want to lose weight. That's what I did—and I lost 63 lbs.!* Now I'm much more energetic. I feel more playful. I wake up feeling stronger; I'm excited to get the day started. I just feel so much more capable of meeting whatever comes my way. I went from being an overweight, sad, slow mother with no energy to feeling fit, happy and healthier. A big change. I tell you, if you commit to the program, eat the food and exercise, you really can transform yourself, and it won't take that long. And you will feel so much better. I know I do!


Staunton, Virginia

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