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Jennifer B. lost 60.0 lbs.*

"People notice a big change in me—both physically and within me."

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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A home body

I struggled with my weight for about ten years, although most of my friends and family had no idea what a huge impact this had on my life. I had absolutely no control over my eating. My weight issues were always on my mind because of my clothes, which constantly reminded me of the extra weight that I was carrying. I was squeezing myself into size 12 jeans (I'm 5'10") and they hurt so much; in fact, when I would get home from work they would leave a painful red line on my stomach. I just became someone who didn┬┐t want to go out. It simply became a matter of me wanting to stay at home, crawl into a hole, and avoid seeing people.

Wedded miss

I got engaged in February 2010 and had seven months to reach my "wedding weight" goal. To make a long story short, this didn't happen. Although my wedding day was very special to me because of the man I married, I was utterly disappointed in myself. There isn't a single wedding photo on display in my house. Unfortunately, our honeymoon wasn't any better. My husband and I took a Caribbean cruise for New Year's to celebrate, but I wore sweats nearly the entire trip, even on the fancy dinner nights. It should have been the happiest time of my life, and I was miserable.

Accepting herself

That was it for me. I knew that was no way to start my marriage. I began Nutrisystem as soon as I returned from my honeymoon because I no longer wanted to be uncomfortable in my own skin. I lost 60 pounds*; as a result, my whole life has changed—beyond just how I look physically. I find myself walking my dogs, swimming, doing yoga and attending Zumba class. Before, I couldn't even run a lap without stopping and now I can run over a mile without stopping! Plus, when I do go out to eat, I make better choices. Most importantly, I am no longer hiding behind a body that I despise. This change feels absolutely amazing! Now, when I see a photo of myself or I see my image in the mirror, I no longer want to avoid seeing myself. I'm very accepting of it–I like what I see!