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Adelle S. lost 75.0 lbs.*

"I'm an athlete again, thanks to Nutrisystem. I feel amazing!"

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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Her trying thirties

Throughout my life, I identified as an athlete first. I was a college scholarship basketball player; triathlons and distance running were my off-season training regimen. That is, until 2001. After my 30th birthday, a series of injuries took all of this away. My decrease in mobility, coupled with a poor diet over the next three years, brought about a thirty-pound weight gain.

Mounting health problems

I suffered another major injury while I was playing basketball in 2005; as result, my left leg was nearly useless. I was devastated. I could not believe I wouldn't be able to walk or run with regularity again. During this time, my eating habits became increasingly unhealthy; I was now fifty pounds over my college playing weight. I had surgery to fix my leg, but it was almost irrelevant because I was too heavy to participate in the activities I loved. My body was constantly in pain. I felt helpless. I lived an unhealthy lifestyle for the next three years and gained an additional ten pounds. By February of 2010 I had reached 205 pounds, which was seventy pounds—over 50% more—than what I weighed when I was athletic.

"Nutrisystem gave me my life back!"

I knew my weight was complicating my health issues. I needed to lose the weight, but the task seemed impossible. How could I lose weight when it hurt so much to move? A friend of mine, who had used Nutrisystem successfully, convinced me to try the program. I started Nutrisystem in March of 2010. I was amazed at how easy it was to stick with the program. Nutrisystem was teaching a healthy eating lifestyle, not a "diet." The weight started coming off immediately, too, and by November I was down to 140 pounds. Overall, I lost 75 lbs.* on Nutrisystem–I'm actually a bit below my college playing weight! The weight loss through the Nutrisystem program gave me my life back. After almost a decade of pain and weight gain, I feel amazing! I am in my 40s now and I feel better than I did through my thirties! Best of all, I am an athlete once again because of Nutrisystem.