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Kathryn H. lost 62.0 lbs.*

"Nutrisystem has changed my life completely. I love the way I look and feel; I'm happy!"

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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A no-brainer

I'm no different than anybody else out there when it comes to weight issues. I have always struggled with my weight. By the time I was 52, I just thought, "I don't want to live the rest of my life like this." So I decided to give Nutrisystem a try. I had to talk my husband into it, though—because he knew I tried countless other methods that cost us money. So I did the math. My husband and I own our own business, and every day for lunch we would go out to eat. And when I went back and did the numbers, I realized that I was actually spending more going out to eat than what Nutrisystem broke down to per day. It was a no-brainer to do Nutrisystem—for myself and my health, and for my family.


My expectation, naturally, was that the food was tasty. And it was—absolutely delicious! I enjoyed every meal, and I never went hungry. I felt like I was eating more than I should be eating, but then I'd get on the scale at the end of the week and see the results, and it was fantastic! Plus, I was just thrilled that I got desserts 'cause I'm a sweetaholic. Every night, believe me, I couldn't wait to go through my little goodie drawer and pick out the one I wanted. My weight loss started almost instantly, and then before I knew it, the first month, I was down 10 pounds and it just kept going—until I hit a total of 62 lbs.*!

Family matters

My husband is very proud of me. We have been married 35 years and now he can literally say that he has loved me through thick and thin! Plus, as a family, we're all eating healthier. See, I'm from the South; everything you cook has to have a lot of grease, butter and gravy. And I no longer use grease, butter or gravy. I tell you, just because of that, my husband's lost over 60 pounds as well. And it's all because I've learned to cook better, too, thanks to Nutrisystem.