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Colette O. lost 94.0 lbs.*

"I needed a weight loss plan free from weigh-ins and meetings, and with easy meals I didn't have to fuss over."

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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"Stuck. I was totally and completely stuck!"

At age 52, this busy mom, kindergarten teacher, wife, and church worker struggled to move without pain. I knew my back and feet issues were probably weight-related, but I couldn't see over the edge of the abyss in which I found myself. I felt hopelessly stuck. Images of Marie Osmond visited my mind now and again; her Nutrisystem commercials were intriguing and tempting. "Was it really as easy and delicious as she said," I wondered?

A Pleasant Surprise

Thanks to my husband's encouragement, I finally checked out Nutrisystem, and I was amazed! Nutrisystem was not only an easy weight-loss program grounded on a solid nutritional foundation, it had amazing options for support any way I needed it! I signed up immediately, feeling a glimmer of hope. A few days later, my big, brown box arrived and I officially launched into a life-changing few months.

Through the perils and pitfalls of holiday eating, a cruise, and the ongoing stresses of life's daily demands, I lost weight. Pound after pound seemed to melt off with very little effort and no hunger!

A Life Renewed

My weight management journey has been beyond what I could have hoped for! To date, I've lost 76 pounds and 36 inches!* I am pain-free and able to keep up with my busy kindergarten class. I am a happy, healthy person again and I feel years younger. Thank you, Nutrisystem! Thank you, wonderful, supportive NutriFriends! Thank you, Marie Osmond! I am definitely UNstuck and it feels GREAT!