Success Stories - Couples

Christie lost 24.0 lbs.*
and Mark lost 22.0 lbs.*

"Since losing the weight, we both feel better than we have in years—and we love showing each other off!"

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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Beach Blanket Bummer

Christie: Mark and I live very close to the beach, and we both love it, but that joy was dampened once we gained the weight. It was very difficult for me to put on a bikini and strut my stuff-there was too much to strut! Instead, I would just put on my bathing suit and lie in the backyard.

Mark: Well, I'm a guy, so I never really thought much about my weight. When my pants got a little too tight or I needed to drop a few pounds, I skipped a couple meals, cut down my beer worked, but the weight always came back.

Discovering Nutrisystem

Christie: It was actually my golf coach who introduced me to Nutrisystem. He was losing weight pretty easily, so I was curious how. One day, he was eating Nutrisystem® Cheese Puffs during one of my lessons, and he gave me one. That's all the convincing I needed; I got on the phone and called Nutrisystem that day.

Mark: And I watched as Christie started losing weight while eating all of that great-smelling food. I started by stealing her Nutrisystem® Blueberry Muffins. Then I started begging for bites of her dinner, too. My thought was that California is technically a Community Property state, so half her order was mine; she wasn't on board with that plan so she broke down and ordered me a box of my own.

Looking and Feeling Fabulous

Christie: When I started Nutrisystem, it was my little secret. Now that I've lost 24 lbs.*, I feel fabulous when people compliment me, and I immediately tell them how I did it. After all, this has really worked for both of us. At 46 years young, I feel better than I've ever felt at any age!

Mark: Definitely! Thanks to Nutrisystem, I've dropped 22 lbs.* and feel younger, stronger and more fit. My energy is up, and to top it off, Christie says I'm hot. That's always nice to hear!