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Jim Stuckey lost 50.0 lbs.*

"I'm a living testament that Nutrisystem works. I'm down 50 lbs.* and I feel fantastic!"

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Weight lost on prior program.

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"I was sick and tired of being sick and tired."

I've been an athlete my whole life. But after retiring from pro football, I just wasn't moving as much—and, I started eating more. I just didn't have the regimen that I used to. Next thing I know, I'm closing in on 300 lbs. I started buying bigger clothes hoping to look thin, but I wasn't fooling anybody. I was sick of looking in the mirror and seeing this huge belly. So finally I said to myself, "This has got to stop—today."

"Nutrisystem is so simple because everything is laid out for you."

I admit I was skeptical about the food. I mean, I'm from the south—I love comfort food. So I opened my Nutrisystem package, and I see I've got all this man food in there. I've got burgers, I've got chicken, I've got chili—all these things that will fill me up. And, I've got these snacks that are really good. It makes it almost impossible to fail. Nutrisystem has designed a perfect plan for men. This is food we like. And sure enough, I saw results the first week.

"Nutrisystem gave me the best opportunity to succeed."

Now, my knees don't hurt. My back doesn't hurt. I'm back in pants that I haven't worn in years. And the people who know me are saying, "It's incredible, Jim! What're you doing? "So I'm shouting the praises of Nutrisystem. It's amazing what the weight loss did for my self-esteem. Nutrisystem changed my life. In fact, it made me feel like a rookie again!