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Kimberly H. lost 61.0 lbs.*

Kimberly H.'s After Photo

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on
Nutrisystem. Compensated customer. Weight lost on a prior
Nutrisystem® program

“I felt hopeless“

As an adult running my own business, being on the move, I was always grabbing fast food. I wasn’t able to do simple things like bend down, tie my shoes, cross my legs, or get up from a sitting position alone. I’d even huff and puff walking to and from the car. One night, my fiancé Dave saw my attention to Marie on a Nutrisystem commercial and asked, “Are you interested in trying that?” Yes, I was! He said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Order Nutrisystem!”

“I was amazed at how convenient and easy it was—and I could eat dessert, too!“

When my food arrived, it felt like Christmas. Nutrisystem is delicious and kept me full, content and satisfied. I never felt bored or deprived. After losing 10 pounds*, I became—and still am—an active member in the online community: making friends, joining challenges, talking with people, learning what to eat and what is healthy, and developing a love for vegetables. I also joined an exercise challenge, of which I’m now a captain. A year later, I was jogging. Yes, me!

“Thank you, Nutrisystem—from the bottom of a former fat girl’s heart!“

Now, I’m a grandmother, and I can do all the simple things again—and shopping is fun, too! My dream is now a reality. I am doing all those little things (which are big to me) I so wanted, but couldn't do for so long. I am confident in my own skin, finally smiling again, and don't hide anymore! People are always catching me singing and dancing—full of life and happiness. Nutrisystem has helped me live a life I only dreamed of.


Sacramento, California

Dieting Motivation

"To be able to fit down a slide, run, play and enjoy sports with my grandkids."

Favorite Nutrisystem® Food

Any of the desserts

Dieting Tip

"Join the Nutrisystem online community for the extra support we all need at times."

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