Success Stories - Couples

Lori lost 40.0 lbs.*
and Oscar lost 40.0 lbs.*

"We finally kept our promise to ourselves to get healthy for our kids."

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers.

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A Necessary Change

Oscar: I was actually a college athlete at one point, but I ended up gaining a lot of weight because our eating habits weren’t good. We used to eat out probably four out of seven days of the week.

Lori: Yeah, and after having three kids, we both put on some weight. We had the kids a little later in life, and we started to realize that if we wanted to be there for them as we got older, we’d need to get healthy.

Doing it Together

Oscar: The reason that Nutrisystem attracted me versus other programs was that it was so easy for us to do it together as a team.

Lori: With Fast 5™, we were able to see results quickly—and that motivated us to keep moving forward. The food kept us satisfied, the support kept us focused, and the compliments from our friends kept us smiling.

Success At Last

Oscar: Nutrisystem jump-started our weight loss, and our motivation. And doing the program together was great; we actually credit each other—and Nutrisystem—with our success.

Lori: I feel fantastic! It’s life-altering what Nutrisystem did for us. Now, we eat less and we move more. Thank you, Nutrisystem!