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Noel M. lost 190.0 lbs.*

"I am completely transformed, both inside and out!"

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem. Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program.

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"I was miserable and uncomfortable."

All my life, my weight has been up and down on the scale, but some general depression caused me to gain a lot of weight over a six-year period. Just getting around was problematic, and I had terrible self-esteem issues. I knew I had to make a change—both for social and health reasons. Over the years, I had tried many diets, but I’d always gain the weight back. This time I chose Nutrisystem because it seemed practical: eat good food in smaller portions. Easy enough.

"Nutrisystem was the answer I was looking for."

I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 190 pounds* as a result of the Nutrisystem® program—almost half my body weight! Also, I was so inspired by my weight loss that I started to weight train as well. There are so many ways I’ve benefitted from this weight loss, I don't think I can name them all. But I certainly know the most meaningful part of my transformation: I was on the track to an early grave, and Nutrisystem has put me back on the right path.

"What Nutrisystem has taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life."

The common things that many people take for granted are now possible for me. Now I can touch my toes—and see them, too! I can walk to the mailbox without difficulty. I can fit into a booth at a restaurant. And, I can fit into an airplane seat—I hadn’t seen my father for four years because I couldn't fly to New Mexico, and now I can. My work performance has improved incredibly, and I’m more social. And every one of these things has made my life much better.