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Brian A. lost 89.0 lbs.*

Brian A.'s After Photo

Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem.
Compensated customers. Weight lost on prior
Nutrisystem® Program.

His son's serious concern

In late 2013, my 7-year-old son told me he was worried that I would die, and that he would be heartbroken forever. Of course, I broke down. I took a good look at myself and saw that I really was fat. No excuses, no blaming it on anything: I love junk food, and I work all the time growing my business. That's how I got fat.

Family matters

I thought about my kids. I thought about my wife, who was pregnant at the time with our 5th son—we would have 5 boys, all under age 9. I just couldn't leave them alone. So I ordered Nutrisystem. I organized my food, tracked my food and water intake for accountability, and set up a realistic workout regimen that included cardio.

One amazing journey

After the pounds started coming off (7 in the first week alone!*), I got really motivated. And the program just kept working. I've lost 86 pounds,* and I know I can stick to it for my family. I feel great, I am looking better, and my self-esteem has gone through the roof! I have so much energy that people tell me to slow down. I tell them, "Hey, keep up!" This journey I've taken has been—and continues to be—amazing!


Gravel Blanc, Michigan

Dieting Motivation

To get healthier for his 5 sons

Favorite Nutrisystem® Food

Rotini & Meatballs

Dieting Tip

"Dream big to achieve big results!"

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Bruce M. Weight Loss Success Story | Nutrisystem | Before & After

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