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Blaine A. lost 91.0 lbs.*

Blaine A.'s After Photo

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Game over

Football was always a big part of my life. But in 2006, my college football career ended due to dangerously high blood pressure. By 2011, I had gained 50 more pounds. I went to Universal Studios that year and I could barely fit into the rides. I finally looked down the road and knew I did not want to be that parent who was too overweight to ride amusement park rides with his kids. Something had to change.

Some sisterly straight talk

I battled my weight for the next seven years. By December 2013, I decided I was going to get healthy. I smoked my last cigarette and the next day I had my last alcoholic beverage. Next was my weight. I went to my little sister and asked her to take before pictures (as she had so many times before). But she said, "No. You can't stick with a diet." She was 100% right, and it was what I needed to hear. (Though I had to prove her wrong, too.)

Happy times

So I ordered the My Way program. I lost 15 lbs.* in my first week using Fast 5. And with that kind of start, I really got motivated. I followed the program, worked out three times a week and, to my surprise, by June I made my goal. I finally like the person I see in the mirror again. I am happier, more confident, and overall have a better life than I did before—even without football. I honestly thank Nutrisystem and my little sister for saving my life!


Belle Chasse, Louisiana

Dieting Motivation

To prove his doubting sister wrong

Dieting Tip

"Remember that anything is possible if you want it bad enough."

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