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Essex O. lost 43.0 lbs.*

Essex O.'s After Photo

*Casting Call Volunteer, complimentary program
provided. Weight lost on prior program.
Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

“Since I lost the weight, I feel lighter on my feet.”

I promised myself I'd never go above 250 lbs. again but here I was at 265 lbs. I was at the doctor's office when I stepped on the scale. I knew my clothes weren't looking right but I was still shocked when I saw the number: 265 lbs. It really hit home. I was so disappointed in myself and knew that I had to do something immediately. But what?

“I picked Nutrisystem because it does so much of the work for you.”

I'd already heard that the food was good and the program was easy. That was perfect for me. I needed to take calorie counting out of the mix. Plus I'm on the go a lot. With Nutrisystem, I could just heat up the food and be on my way, avoiding large restaurant portions and the temptation of fast food. My favorites are the hearty beef stew, the roast beef and mashed potatoes, the pancakes and the chocolate chip cookies. Even the oatmeal is great!

When the inches started coming off, I really enjoyed using other loops on my belt. I've never had results happen so fast! My back feels better. I'm more active. Best of all, I enjoy being outdoors with my son again.


Orlando, FL

Dieting Motivation

My son!

Favorite Nutrisystem® Food

Hearty Beef Stew

Dieting Tip

Just heat the food and go!

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