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Brian H. lost 75.0 lbs.*

Brian H.'s After Photo

*Real Success story. Weight lost on prior
program. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

A former marine, Brian took pride in his appearance and his fitness.

A longtime fan of running, he began putting on weight after leaving the service and at his heaviest, weighed 235 lbs. From time to time, Brian would go on a diet but always hit a stumbling block around the 195 mark. He began to believe it inevitable that he would never get down to his goal weight.

During Christmas 2015 while celebrating with his wife and two boys, Brian had an “a ha” moment. He just plain didn't feel well. His breath was labored. He struggled walking up the stairs. Even walking the dog was a chore. That's when he decided enough was enough. Brian talked to his dad, who had already started losing weight on Nutrisystem. Impressed, Brian decided to give it a whirl.

"I knew I wouldn't lose the weight overnight—it takes time, but I was determined to get started."

“On Nutrisystem, I found great substitutions for all the bad things I was eating. I also decided to cut out all soda and drink water to keep myself full and hydrated.”

Brian learned how to fuel his body “with the right foods and the right portions”. And even though he traveled a lot, Brian was able to stick with the program since everything he got was ready-to-go.


“Ultimately, Nutrisystem helped me increase my energy and achieve my weight loss goals.”

Now he's down to a lean 160 lbs and runs 10 miles every Sunday. “I look—and feel great. My confidence is A LOT higher and I feel like I can do anything.” Including keeping up with his sons.


Stafford, Virginia

Dieting Motivation

Wanted to feel well and have my active life back

Favorite Nutrisystem® Food

Three Cheese Chicken.

Dieting Tip

"Focus on eating with your family."

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