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Chris R. lost 120.0 lbs.*

Chris R.'s After Photo

*Real Success story. Weight lost on prior
program. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

Chris served our country for four years in the military.

A marine, Chris prided himself on being highly disciplined and in great physical condition. After leaving the service, that slowly changed until one day he looked up and realized that he could no longer maintain the same level of activity that had been so much a part of his day-to-day life.

Part of that came from Chris transitioning to a highly stressful, deadline–driven desk job. He spent hours on the phone dealing with all manner of work issues and at the end of each week, Chris was tasked with turning in a detailed status report.

To break up his workday, he and his fellow workers would often go out for lunch. Those meals didn't just result in Chris packing on the pounds but also added a fair amount of time to his day. He'd get back to his desk and have to return countless calls that were waiting for him.

Chris knew something needed to change but he wasn't sure how ready he was. One day, after seeing a handful of Nutrisystem commercials in which Dan Marino talked about his own weight loss, Chris spotted Nutrisystem food for sale at a local retail chain (Walmart). He decided to go for it, and see what happened.

“I started with just one meal a day—lunch—so I could stay on top of my work and get done at a reasonable hour.”

"Lunch became Nutrisystem's chicken noodle soup—one of my all-time favorites."

A couple of weeks in, he turned in his weekly report to the main office and was greeted by a whole host of compliments. By just switching out one meal, he had already lost some noticeable weight. That's when Chris got serious—he’d found his solution. Chris called Nutrisystem, set a weight goal, and off he went.

"It couldn't have been easier. They sent the food, and I followed the program."

“My favorite part of the week came when I had to turn in that report to our central offices. Folks would stop what they were doing and admire my progress. It was great! Nutrisystem has been awesome. Not only did I add more vegetables into my meals, I also added in one new habit. I decided to get a jump on the day and work out before I went into the office. Now, not only have I lost all the weight that I planned and am back to my ‘fighting weight’, but I've also convinced everyone that I'm a morning person!”


Stafford, Virginia

Dieting Motivation

Wanted to feel well and have my active life back

Favorite Nutrisystem® Food

Three Cheese Chicken.

Dieting Tip

“Focus on eating with your family.”

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