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Our motivational newsletter offers you a plentiful portion of weight loss, nutrition, and general health information, in addition to a dash of humor and a side of handy recipes. Read and be inspired!

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Here's how we fill you in on current and upcoming money-saving deals for your weight loss program, as well as extraordinary contests designed just for you. It's your insider's track to all our great Nutrisystem® deals.

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Our community emails spotlight our members' triumphs, introduce you to great new foods, and keep you up-to-date on all the very latest happenings to our website and your Nutrisystem® program. These are our members' favorites—don't miss out!

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Here's where success happens. Your personal weight loss coach offers unbeatable tips, motivation and support to help you stay on track during your entire weight loss journey. Keep in touch and keep the weight loss going strong.

Mindset Makeover®
Our Mindset Makeover® is a week-by-week online guide designed to help you learn the skills essential to long-term weight control using a guided, gradual and realistic approach. As part of the Mindset Makeover® program you will receive an email each week letting you know when new material is available for you to review.

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Receive special savings, tips and insider info direct from Nutrisystem-approved third parties so you're always in the know.

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Our helpful blog reminder prompts you to use your blog each day at 8 PM to record the details of your weight loss journey.