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DNA Body Blueprint™ Kit and Report + Action Plan

Option: DNA + Action Plan

End the guesswork! Let your DNA provide a weight loss blueprint for your body. With this simple and secure DNA test kit, you'll unlock secrets in your DNA, including how your genes affect your weight loss, why your metabolism works the way it does—and what you can do about it. With DNA Body Blueprint, you'll get answers to these questions and many more:

Metabolism Icon

How does my metabolism affect my weight loss?

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Why do I crave
sweets or overeat?

Can I eat carbs & lose weight?

Your DNA report will map out: Your body-specific eating behaviors, how your body processes food, vitamins and minerals, along with ways to tailor your Nutrisystem plan for optimal weight loss.

A swab of your cheeks is all it takes. Order your in-home DNA test kit and report now!

At Nutrisystem®, we champion safe, healthy & effective weight loss. DNA Body Blueprint is informational in nature only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, assess your risk for developing a disease or make medical decisions. If, after reading your DNA report, you want to make a significant lifestyle change, consult your physician first. Your DNA analysis is secure and kept confidential. See additional Terms of Service.


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DNA Body Blueprint™ Kit and Report + Action Plan