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Terry Bradshaw lost 32 lbs.*

Terry Bradshaw's After Photo

*Results not typical. On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs per week. Individuals are remunerated. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem program. Continuing with Success.

"I feel great, and my energy level is tremendous! I've never felt so good in my life!"

"I was shocked that I gained a lot of weight."

Before I retired from pro football, I stayed in good shape. I was a runner: I'd run four to six miles every day and I didn't have a problem. I'm not a guy who eats all the time, so I was shocked when I started gaining weight. I mean, I'd never, ever had a weight issue my entire life. But years of playing football was rough on my body, and after I retired I wasn't able to work out the way I used to. Plus, I traveled all the time and was drinking and eating too much. I knew I was getting fat because my clothes were getting tight. It was just a slow, gradual thing over 15 years.

"I was tired of looking old, fat, and ugly."

The thing about being overweight is that it affects your self-esteem. You don't like the way you look, and you don't like who you are. And I was tired of looking old, fat, and ugly. Worse, my health was awful. I just couldn't stand it anymore. I had to do something about it. Like a lot of people, I tried a lot of things to lose the weight. But as an athlete, I'm used to structure, so I needed a balanced, structured diet. I had seen Dan Marino, Don Shula and a bunch of other famous people that lost all this weight and that was the kind of encouragement I needed.

"Nutrisystem is a lifesaver for me. Losing the weight has given me my health back."

There are a lot of reasons it worked for me. It's simple and structured, and there's no guesswork whatsoever. If you can read a color on a carton, you can do this program. Plus, the food is shockingly good, it keeps you satisfied, and you can choose the foods you want. And portions are critical, so Nutrisystem has definitely taught me how to eat—I know so much about food now, it's amazing. Now I look better and, boy, I feel great; my energy level is tremendous! I've never felt so good in my life! I'm happy, too, and I feel better about myself. In fact, people say I'm nicer since I lost weight. So Nutrisystem has been a lifesaver for me. Losing the weight has given me my health back and I'm proud of myself for getting back in shape.




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