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Larry the Cable Guy lost 50 lbs.*

Larry the Cable Guy's After Photo

*Results not typical.
On Nutrisystem, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs per week.

"I went from a refrigerator magnet to a
chick magnet!"

It was time for Larry to kick his growing girth
into reverse

Maybe you noticed (my wife sure did!) that in the last few years, I'd really packed on some extra pounds. I mean, it was bad. I was gaining weight faster than my sister in a bacon-eating contest. I was way up to 282, I had no energy, my knees were hurting, and my ankles were hurting. You couldn't hardly get me out of the house, I was so embarrassed about not fitting into my britches.

"I lost 50 pounds*-that's like 5 bowling balls, right off my tukkus."

The first time I heard about how good Nutrisystem works was from my friend Tony Orlando-you know, the singing star? We do a show together every year, and this year, I noticed Tony was looking great-he'd just lost, like, 103 pounds.* Seriously! He was like a toothpick, I'm telling you. So then he told me all about Nutrisystem. And he told me to give Nutrisystem a try. So I did. And man, before long, people could tell the difference. No more mushroom tops shootin' out of my britches. Hey, folks, I could see parts of my body that I hadn't seen in years. You'd think I opened a big box of "get skinny" instead of all those tasty meals from Nutrisystem.

"Nutrisystem flat-out works."

Not only am I lookin' good, I'm feelin' a whole lot better, too. Before, I couldn't go but three feet before I was breathin' heavier than my sister in front of a donut shop. Now I've got tons of energy. I can actually do stuff; I can play with my kids without needing a hit of oxygen every couple of minutes. And my wife loves the way I look. With Nutrisystem, losing weight is pretty much a no-brainer (and that comes in handy in my family). If I can do it, anybody walkin' on two legs can do it, too. My pants size went all the way from "My Gosh" down to "Hello, Ladies!" and it's all thanks to Nutrisystem.



Sanford, Florida

Dieting Motivation

"I was embarrassed about not fitting into my britches."

Favorite Nutrisystem® Food

Pot Roast

Dieting Tip

"If you can manage a microwave, you can manage your weight with Nutrisystem."

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