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DNA Body Blueprint Kit Save 20% + Free Personalized Nutrition Plan details

End The Guesswork Let your DNA determine your blueprint for weight loss success.


PLUS! Get a FREE Personalized Nutrition Plan based on your DNA

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Find the right nutritional approach for you—straight from your DNA!

Our easy and secure DNA test reveals what type of foods your body thrives on, and your FREE Personalized Nutrition Plan maps out your optimal nutrition. You'll discover...

How Your Metabolism Affects Your Weight Loss—And What To Do About It

The Right Balance Of Nutrients For You—No More Guesswork Needed!

Your Fat Loss Fitness Plan, And How To Optimize Your Workouts


The secret to your weight loss success starts here—SAVE 20% NOW!

With DNA Body Blueprint, you get:

  • Easy DNA collection kit (a swab of your cheek is all it takes!)
  • Complete DNA Report with weight loss action plans tailored to you
  • FREE! Personalized Nutrition Plan to maximize your results
  • FREE! FedEx shipping to get your kit even faster

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With DNA Body Blueprint, weight loss is personal. Get the results you need to lose weight and get healthy! Here's how it works:

  1. Take the Test When your kit arrives, follow the simple instructions to complete your test in the comfort of your own home, then send it in to our certified lab in the postage-paid envelope.
  2. Review Your Results Your DNA will be analyzed and we'll deliver your comprehensive Report, complete with easy action plans for success.
  3. Lose Weight, the Easy Way Follow your Personalized Nutrition Plan to lose weight according to your body's unique needs.

Your DNA Body Blueprint Report contains information about how your body works in six key areas:

  1. Personalized Nutrition Plan: Discover how your body responds to food and which foods are best for healthy weight loss and maintenance. See what your ideal meals look like and get a personalized meal planner and grocery guide packed with food recommendations for you.
  2. Food Breakdown: How does your body process protein? Can you eat carbs and still lose weight? Which fat sources are best for you? We'll break down what you need to know about how your body processes food, and provide recommendations based on your DNA results.
  3. Eating Behaviors: Find out how strong your sweet tooth is, your likelihood to overeat, predisposition to caffeine sensitivity and more—plus get personalized action plans that will help you make lasting healthy changes in your life.
  4. Metabolism: What does your DNA say about your body's ability to lose and maintain weight? Get the answer to this question, learn your genetic risk for being overweight and more. We'll recommend an action plan to help you meet your goals and live healthy!
  5. Fitness: There's a reason you prefer cardio over weight lifting, or why you just can't seem to get motivated to move. Let your genes reveal what your body needs to thrive and which activities are best for you, so you can get the very best results from your fitness routine.
  6. Vitamins & Minerals: Get a full Report on how your body processes essential vitamins and minerals, so you can optimize your health and feel your best!

When your DNA sample is processed, your information is de-identified and made completely anonymous. Our lab partners are under contract and strictly follow security and confidentiality obligations to meet our Terms of Service standards and applicable privacy laws.

Your kit comes with a unique identification number. When you register your kit online, your kit number is linked directly to you. Only Nutrisystem knows the names that are associated with each kit number. Our lab partners only see the kit number, not our customer's names, and they cannot process any samples if they are not registered with the assigned kit number.

We safeguard your DNA analysis in the most secure data processing possible, and access is restricted on a limited basis. You will access your Report via a secure link, so your DNA results are safe, secure and right where they belong: with you! See our Terms of Service for more information.

Say goodbye to the days of the “one-size-fits-all diet”. With DNA Body Blueprint, you’re unlocking the secrets to your DNA to find out exactly how your body works, what it needs—and what it doesn’t.

Your DNA Report reveals what you need to know about your metabolism, eating behaviors and nutrition needs, along with action plans tailored to your specific results.

Plus, you’ll receive a FREE Personalized Nutrition Plan that outlines how your body responds to food, which foods are best for you and how to create easy meals to help you maximize weight loss.

Optimize the way you live (and lose weight!) to match your body’s unique DNA, with DNA Body Blueprint!

You'll need to activate your kit in order to access your DNA Report and Personalized Nutrition Plan. To register your kit, visit Enter your kit ID number from the back of your test kit box and you're set. Easy as that!

End the guesswork! Unlock your body's weight loss secrets with DNA Body Blueprint.

Free FedEx shipping for the DNA Body Blueprint kit, available in the Continental U.S. only. Not available to New York residents. Must be 18 years of age or older. Free return shipping, simply mail your sample to our certified lab in the secure, postage-paid envelope.