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Ann S. lost 27.0 lbs.*

Ann S.'s After Photo

*Real Success story. Weight lost on prior
program. Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

Before fully committing to Nutrisystem, Ann was, by her own admission, the classic yo-yo dieter.

Ann would gain weight, then go on a diet where she all but starved herself, shedding a lot of those extra pounds, only to look up and find that she’d put on much of the weight she’d lost. It was both exhausting and demoralizing.

She tried Nutrisystem for only a very short time in 2011 and despite losing 11 pounds in the first month, struggled to commit to the program. Over the next few years, she found herself at 184 lbs. Now divorced and a full-time single mom, she decided to let go of her “feast or famine” ways.

“It was late October 2015. At first I thought ‘I must be nuts to start Nutrisytem just as the holiday season was beginning.’ ”

“Then I realized if I could be successful during the hardest time of the year, I could be successful anytime. And so I went for it!”

That first week Ann lost six lbs. She never looked back. Slowly and steadily, she continued losing weight, even while keeping up a steady schedule of holiday baking. Not long ago Ann met her goal weight and feels fantastic. Even better is knowing that she’s setting an example for her daughter, who’s now old enough to copy her habits. And while Ann’s confident that she can successfully manage portion control on her own, she’s decided to stick with the convenience of Nutrisystem.


Alameda, CA

Dieting Motivation

Seeing myself in our family holiday card

Favorite Nutrisystem® Food

Cinnamon Bun

Dieting Tip

"Mix it up! Swap lunch/dinner entrees and change up your workout"

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