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Lori B. lost 40.0 lbs.*

Lori B.'s After Photo

*Expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week on Nutrisystem.
Compensated customers.
Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® Program

Lori simply didn't feel like Lori.

A while ago, Lori and her husband Oscar were at a high school reunion. He took one look at Lori with her friends and saw her discomfort. Sure, she was having fun seeing old friends but it was clear how uncomfortable she was in her body.

Oscar encouraged her to lose weight, joining her in taking off the pounds. It wasn't just the high school reunion that pushed her to make a change. After having children later in life than most people, she realized that the extra weight she was carrying around had her watching her kids grow up, rather than participating in their lives.

“I was sitting on the sidelines, pointing and applauding, instead of actually playing with them. That had to stop.”

That's when she reached out to Nutrisystem. For Lori, it was all about portion control. Every meal she'd overeat but once she got started on the program, she understood what a real serving of food looked like.

“Nutrisystem reminded me that the amount of food you eat can be just as detrimental as the type of food.”

“The reason Nutrisystem worked for me is because I didn't have to change my diet. I chose Nutrisystem food that were similar to what I would normally eat—I just changed how much I was eating. Forty pounds later, Lori is living a happy, active life with her husband and kids.”

“Nutrisystem taught me that I'm in control of my body. I'm satisfied eating one piece of pizza instead of five. And when I run into old friends, it puts a smile on my face. No more hiding from me!”


Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Getting healthy for my kids

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Life is in progress—take control and keep moving!

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