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Nutrisystem works. Here’s how.

We Deliver high-quality prepared meals that taste great.

Delicious Meals made with the right mix of protein, carbs and fats.

You Lose Weight and learn the healthy way to keep it off.

Proven weight loss, powered by science.

Our high-protein, lower-glycemic approach to weight loss.

Developed with our proprietary science, ProSync is designed to help you control hunger, keep blood sugar steady and deliver results that last.

That way, you get what it takes to feel satisfied while losing weight:

Fully prepared meals are perfectly portioned for weight loss and made from quality ingredients you’ll love.
Balanced nutrition combines lean proteins, healthy fats, dietary fiber and smart carbs with all the best vegetables.
Harvest Bowl
Filling daily menu keeps you feeling satisfied, not hungry! In fact, we recommend eating 6 times a day.
Freedom to indulge (because deprivation doesn't work). Enjoy all your favorite foods, made healthier—even desserts!
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You’ll stay on track with tools for lasting results including 1-on-1 coaching and our fully integrated weight loss app.

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FREE NuMi® app—it’s your portal to success:

Tap into weight loss! Track your progress and stay motivated to reach your goals with our official companion app.

Why People Love NuMi:

  • One-touch tracking to easily monitor food, water and activity.
  • Daily motivators with exclusive offers, challenges and prizes.
  • Free healthy recipes + free welcome gift when you download it!

PLUS! Personalized nutrition to support your success.

Our most-advanced plans intelligently tailor your meal plan as you lose weight. The app uses a scientifically validated equation that accounts for a variety of factors, including your height, weight, and gender, as well as your:




Body Type

Activity Level

Designed for steady weight loss, day after day.

As you track your progress in the app, your plan adapts to you. This helps you avoid plateaus and keeps you moving toward your goals!

Marie holding boxes of new meals
Marie holding boxes of new meals

What you can expect—results!

Our program is easy to follow and proven to work. Whether you need to drop a lot of weight or just get a little healthier, Nutrisystem plans are designed to work from the start.

During your first week, you’ll enjoy a Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and shake each day. Plus, you’ll add fresh vegetables and water.

Each day, you’ll enjoy a Nutrisystem® breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack (men’s plans include two snacks). Round out your meal plan by adding a couple of household grocery items each day: Lean protein and dairy (PowerFuels), fruit and fiber-rich good carbs (SmartCarbs) and fresh veggies. Expect to lose one to two pounds per week following our weight loss plans!

In addition, most Nutrisystem® plans give you the freedom to dine out or enjoy healthy home-cooked meals throughout each week. We’ll provide easy guidelines and recipes to keep you on track.

420,000+Five-Star FoodReviews5 stars
Various plates of food

Choose the foods you love.

On Nutrisystem, you’ll love the food and lose weight. We guarantee it. Enjoy a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks made with high-quality ingredients and the right balance of protein, carbs and fats. With up to 160+ delicious options, you’ll never run out of great-tasting choices!

Simply choose your plan to get started. You can customize your menu by choosing your favorite meals and snacks, or try our Chef's Choice menu. For your first order, we recommend Chef's Choice. This is the best way to sample a variety of foods, which will be tailored to you if you get a personalized plan. Remember, you can always switch your order options for future shipments.

Wholesome classics including hearty, homestyle dishes and limited-release, seasonal favorites.

Quality beyond compare backed by over 420,000 five-star food reviews from real, satisfied customers.

Foolproof formula for prepping your own quick and easy meals—over 1,000 healthy recipes.

“Now food is one less thing to worry about. I’m eating right and loving it!”—Michelle lost 41 lbs.*

*Expect to lose an avg. of 1-2 lbs. per week.

AMERICA’S #1 CHOICEfor effective home-deliveryweight loss solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our plans to find the one that works for you.

In the order options, select “Tailor to my metabolism!”to take advantage of our new personalized approach. You’ll answer some easy questions before checking out. Based on the information you provide, your plan will be tailored to your metabolism, age, gender, activity level and goals. We’ll even recommend the best meal plan for your body type!

Next, choose your menu: Opt for Chef’s Choice to get a handpicked variety of our most popular meals and snacks. If you’ve already tried our foods and know what you like, you can select your own meals.

You’ll receive an easy-to-follow meal plan, plus Nutrisystem® breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks delivered to your door.

Your order ships free and will be delivered to your home in one to ten business days. A majority of shipments are delivered within seven business days! We'll email you a tracking number when each order ships.

Uniquely Yours, Uniquely Yours Max, Partner Plan and Vegetarian Plan orders that contain frozen foods will be sent in two separate shipments: Frozen foods and non-frozen foods. Your frozen foods will be packed in a specially designed cooler with dry ice to keep everything frozen for approximately six hours upon delivery.

Fun fact! Our fresh frozen coolers are now more sustainable than ever:

  • 92% Biodegradable – Throw it away with regular trash and let nature safely break it down.
  • Reusable and Recyclable – Made with thermally robust and eco-friendly materials. Recycle with polystyrene products at your local recycling center.
  • Groundbreaking Technology – Strong and secure with the same look, feel and functionality you’ve come to know and trust.

Foam breaks down up to 92% in four years.

Nutrisystem works for a variety of dietary needs. Check out our Diabetes Uniquely Yours Plan and Vegetarian Plan.

Following a low-sodium diet? All of our plans meet, and are often below, the USDA’s recommended daily intake of 2,300mg sodium or less for the general population. For those who need to limit sodium to 1,500mg per day, our weight loss coaches can help customize your menu to meet those needs.

If you have special dietary restrictions or food allergies, you can find a nutritional breakdown of all of our menu items online, or contact the nutrition and dietary services team for help selecting a menu that works for you.

Here’s what a typical day looks like on the women’s plan (men’s plans include an extra Nutrisystem® snack each day).

Everyone will enjoy eating six times a day with Nutrisystem meals and snacks, and grocery add-ins.

  1. Breakfast: Nutrisystem® Cranberry Orange Muffin, mixed nuts and coffee
  2. Morning Snack: Low-fat plain yogurt
  3. Lunch: Nutrisystem® Hamburger and a side salad
  4. Afternoon Snack: Apple slices with almond butter
  5. Dinner: Nutrisystem® Roasted Turkey Medallions and green beans
  6. Evening Snack: Nutrisystem® White Cheddar Popcorn

You’ll receive an easy-to-follow printed guide in your first shipment that shows you exactly what to eat, when, to make losing weight simple! Or download the FREE, easy-to-use NuMi® Weight Loss App or go to to take your meal plan with you, wherever you go.

On Nutrisystem, you’ll learn healthy habits like portion control, how to make better food choices and how to build routines that help keep the weight off.

You’ll also learn how to prepare food in the right portions, using our delicious, easy-to-follow recipes.

Don’t worry, you won’t do it alone! We have a variety of Nutrisystem® Success® transition and maintenance plans that make taking the next step in your weight loss journey simple. When you’ve reached your weight loss goal, a Nutrisystem weight loss coach can help you choose the Success plan that’s right for you!

NuMi is our FREE weight loss app, and it’s packed with helpful resources and support.

It’s the only app designed specifically for your Nutrisystem® plan, so it’s the best way to stay on track!

  • Easily track your food, activity, progress and more.
  • Stay motivated with fun weight loss challenges — and win prizes!
  • Get exclusive discounts and freebies.
  • Find quick, easy recipes for Flex meals and grocery add-ins.
  • Access your Grocery Guide, Dining Out Guide and other helpful tools.
  • Plus, get expert tips, articles, inspiration and advice to help you at every step along the way!

It’s easy to set up, easy to use and best of all — it’s completely FREE! Download the NuMi app for your smartphone or tablet, or visit to get started today.

Lose weight fast, improve your health & have more energy!