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Here’s Why You Feel Awful When You Diet & How To Stop It

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You’ve cut out the junk and you’re eating healthier. Great! But despite the extra fruits and veggies, you feel bad. What’s the deal?

Don’t panic. There’s a reason why you’re not feeling great, despite eating well.

Want to feel better right away? Following a Nutrisystem meal plan can help eliminate negative symptoms you may experience from dieting on your own. Along with a community of people to help you along the way, you can also get recipe ideas from our cookbook.

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What’s Going On?

Making the decision to lose weight and live healthier is a great one. But it might not feel that way. Here are some reasons why:

  1. You’re not drinking enough water. Water helps absorb the additional fiber you’re eating. Not drinking enough can leave you feeling bloated, gassy and constipated.
  2. You’re eating too little. Rapid weight loss from crash diets can leave you feeling fatigued and dehydrated and can lead to serious health risks.
  3. You’re experiencing junk food withdrawal. High-sugar foods give you quick bursts of energy (and then you crash), while healthier foods release slower, more sustainable energy, which, at first, can lead to headaches and exhaustion.
  4. You’ve eliminated key foods. When you cut out food groups, like carbs, you’re depriving your body of essential nutrients and that can lead to negative effects.

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A Better Way to Lose Weight and Eat Healthy

The best diet is one that provides the correct number of calories, the right nutrition, encourages healthy habits and promotes steady weight loss.

Nutrisystem® helps restore your energy and make you feel great while you lose weight. Their plans are dietitian-designed with meals that include the right mix of protein, smart carbs and healthy fats. They come perfectly portioned and ready to just heat and eat.

Plus, they offer multiple options so you can choose the right plan for you: Uniquely Yours, with top-rated frozen foods, Uniquely Yours Max+ featuring premium Hearty Inspirations® meals that are delicious, protein-packed and filling, like Chicken Bianca Pizza, the Partner Plan, with weight loss built for two, and Complete 55, a plan specifically designed for women 55 and up.

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Why it Works

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Nutrisystem is created by dietitians and powered by a high-protein, lower-glycemic approach designed to control hunger and help manage your blood sugar levels.

Not only are the meals pre-portioned, so you know you’re getting the right amount of calories and nutrients, there’s no food elimination. You get better-for-you versions of your favorite foods.

Your Secret Weapon

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In addition to delicious meals, NuMi SmartAdapt® is a key factor to weight loss success.

You can feel confident that you’re staying hydrated and on target by logging your water, food and activity in the free NuMi app.

As you track, our exclusive SmartAdapt technology personalizes your plan to you, providing the right amount of calories and helping you avoid plateaus. You’ll always know what to eat and when to eat it!

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