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Introducing complete 55 designed in partnership with Marie

Lose weight with a plan specifically designed for women 55 and up!

Created for women by women.

Get the food and tools you need for a lifetime of health, wellness and weight loss.

Featuring meals that


All-new Hearty Inspirations® meals are packed with protein and flavor to keep you feeling satisfied.

In a study, avg time was 3.9 hrs

Complete 55 Really works.

Taking your key weight loss factors into account:

Woman in her 50s, 60s


You need a plan that understands your unique needs during and after menopause.


Burn fat throughout the day with a plan built for a woman’s metabolism at this stage of life.

beef, veal tortellini
bistro style chicken alfredo


Get the right amount of protein to feel full
while maintaining lean muscle mass.


We’ll meet you where you’re at with fun
activity and fitness that works for you.

Older woman going for a walk

Complete 55 Delivers It All.

Here’s what’s included with your plan:


Get Nutrisystem® meals 7 days a week.

Start seeing results right away with daily breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

You'll enjoy convenient monthly auto-delivery shipments after that.


Continue with our meals 5 days a week.

Keep losing weight by combining our meals with guidance to add your own.

You’ll continue to receive monthly shipments until you reach your goals.

Stay on track with NuMi® SmartAdapt

Tap into the app that adapts to your unique needs as a woman during your stage of life.

mobile phone with SmartAdapt App

SmartAdapt is specially designed to help you:

FRONT-LOAD YOUR CALORIES and spread your meals for optimal fat burning.

POWER THROUGH PLATEAUS by adjusting your diet based on your progress.

MAINTAIN YOUR SUCCESS by showing you what and when to eat.

Get meals you love. Stock up any time.

Access all your favorites, even after you lose the weight. Convenient options are available when you need them:

Marie relaxing outside on her mobile phone

“Take it from me: You can lose weight and feel great during your menopause years.

–Marie Osmond

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete 55 works by delivering the right nutrition for women like you! Here’s how:

Month 1: You’ll get acclimated to a structured weight loss program by enjoying your choice of ready-made Nutrisystem meals and snacks, 7 days a week. This includes access to our best menu variety, featuring Hearty Inspirations® meal choices that control hunger for up to 5 hours!*

Months 2 and beyond: Continue to enjoy our best variety of Nutrisystem meals and snacks 5 days a week. Plus, get guidance to incorporate your own healthy meals, or “Flex” meals, 2 days a week. With Flex meals, you can go out to eat or cook healthy at home with our easy recipes. You'll choose when to enjoy two Flex breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks each week. Continue to receive convenient monthly shipments until you reach your goals.

Plus! Enjoy unlimited support every month:

  • NuMi® app with SmartAdapt to help you power through weight loss plateaus.
  • Connect with a weight loss coach for support and motivation.
  • Comprehensive guides with step-by-step guidance from our expert dietitians.

*In a study, avg. time of hunger control was 3.9 hours.

Hearty Inspirations® meals control hunger for up to 5 hours!*

These premium, high-protein dinners are bigger and more filling than our standard dinners, but remain perfectly portioned for weight loss. That’s because everything is included: No need to add your own sides or veggies. These all-in-one meals contain up to 30g protein and our full recommended serving of vegetables.

Hearty Inspirations® meals are available in two easy-to-prepare options:

  • Skillet-ready choices served sizzling-hot from pan-to-plate in minutes.
  • Fast microwave meals in convenient heat-and-eat trays.

In addition to new Hearty Inspirations® dinners, Complete 55 delivers your choice of classic Nutrisystem® breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, including frozen favorites!

*In a study, avg. time of hunger control was 3.9 hours.