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Nutrisystem for Men®

Weight loss, energy and drive for men over 50.

Get the results you want and the
motivation you need!

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Kevin 52 years old Lost 74 pounds*

*Real success story. Paid for appearance. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose avg. 1-2 lbs a week.

As men age, testosterone levels and muscle mass naturally decline—losing weight can help.

Don’t just deal with it.
Do something about it!

Guys over 50: Feel younger and stronger with Max Vitality. It’s a personalized plan based on your age, body composition and testosterone levels.

Built to deliver a lifetime of health, wellness and weight loss.

Our high-protein plan is designed to help:

lean muscle.

Decrease body and
belly fat.

Boost energy to
power your success.

Feeling young has no age limit!

Clothes fitting tighter? Always feeling tired? Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t get better! Max Vitality has what it takes to help you look, feel and perform like your younger self:


Meals to support your high-protein plan.

  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.
  • Choices with up to 30g protein.
  • Just grab-and-go or heat-and-eat.
Chicken Sandwich


FUEL protein shakes with Velositol®.

  • Double the power of protein.
  • Perfect daily boost for guys over 50.
  • Delicious fudge brownie flavor.
Chicken Sandwich


Designed for a lifetime of health and vitality.

You’ll eat right, lose weight and learn how to keep it off—without completely giving up beer or taking on extreme workouts.

Chicken Sandwich
ken holding football ken 64 years old, lost 65 pounds*

*Real success story. Paid for appearance. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose avg. 1-2 lbs a week.

Max Vitality delivers it all.

Here’s what’s included with your plan:

month 1

Get Nutrisystem® meals 7 days a week.

Start seeing results right away with daily meals, snacks and FUEL protein shakes.

You’ll enjoy convenient monthly auto-delivery shipments after that.

months 2 & Beyond

Continue with our meals 5 days a week.

Keep losing weight while adding some of your own meals. Even grab a beer with the guys!

You’ll continue to receive monthly shipments until you reach your goals.

Stay on track with NuMi SmartAdapt®

Tap into the app that intelligently adapts to you as your metabolism changes.

food items

Serving suggestion


The app shows you exactly what to eat, guiding you through the plan designed to help men your age:

  • Maintain lean muscle with protein
  • Effectively lose weight
  • Learn to achieve lasting results
smart phone showing NuMI SMARTADAPT app

Did you know?

Lower-calorie plans can reduce a man’s testosterone levels and muscle mass.

NuMi SmartAdapt recommends the right calories from key nutrients, including healthy proteins, to promote optimal weight loss, health and wellness.

Control hunger up to 5 hours!*

Get Hearty Inspirations® meals with bigger portions for serious appetites.

*In a study, avg. time was 3.9 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Max Vitality Men’s Plan works by providing a foolproof weight loss solution for men over 50!

Here’s how:

Month 1: You will get a structured program to fire up your weight loss with up to 145g of protein a day and get your choice of satisfying Nutrisystem meals, snacks and Fuel Shakes for Men 7 days a week. This includes access to Hearty Inspirations® meals with up to 30g of protein to help you feel fuller and sustain energy while you lose weight.

Months 2 and beyond: Continue to power your weight loss with a high-protein plan and enjoy Nutrisystem meals, snacks and Fuel shakes 5 days a week. Plus, get guidance to incorporate meals on your own, called “Flex” meals, 2 days a week. With Flex meals, you can eat foods you love and even have a beer with the guys, following our guidelines to dine out or prepare on your own. You’ll choose when to enjoy two Flex breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks each week. Continue to receive monthly shipments until you reach your goals.

Plus! Enjoy unlimited support every month:

  • NuMi SmartAdapt® to help you power through weight loss plateaus.
  • Personal weight loss coaching available on-demand, 7 days a week.
  • Comprehensive guides with step-by-step guidance from our expert dietitians.

*In a study, avg. time of hunger control was 3.9 hours.

Hunger-fighting FUEL protein shakes for men and Max Vitality are the perfect pair.

  • FUEL Shakes are specially formulated with protein and Velositol® to help burn fat, sustain energy and fight hunger.
  • Velositol® doubles the power of protein to help improve strength and increase endurance.*
  • It’s an efficient and delicious way to add 20g of protein to your diet to provide the nutrition men need to feel satisfied and promote lean muscle mass.

*Along with diet and exercise, clinical research shows Velositol® + whey protein doubles the impact of protein on muscle protein synthesis versus whey protein alone.

Hearty Inspirations® meals control hunger for up to 5 hours!*

These premium, high-protein dinners are bigger and more filling than our standard dinners, but remain perfectly portioned for weight loss. That’s because everything is included: No need to add your own sides or veggies. These all-in-one meals contain up to 30g protein and our full recommended serving of vegetables.

Hearty Inspirations® meals are available in two easy-to-prepare options:

  • Skillet-ready choices served sizzling-hot from pan-to-plate in minutes.
  • Fast microwave meals in convenient heat-and-eat trays.

In addition to new Hearty Inspirations® dinners, Max Vitality delivers your choice of classic Nutrisystem® breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, including frozen favorites!

*In a study, avg. time of hunger control was 3.9 hours.

Velositol® is a registered trademark of Nutrition 21, LLC.